Labor Day Day Gift Ideas for your Employees

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Labor Day Day Gift Ideas for your Employees

Labor Day is celebrated around the world on different days of the year. They have different traditions on how they celebrated this special day. In the United States, Labor Day is celebrated every first Monday of September. It is also a perfect day to reward your employees for their hard work with gifts. So with this special day, I have rounded up some gift ideas as a token of appreciation.

1. Eyes With Radiance Serum

Regardless of how stressful your day goes, or your minimal sleep routine, always show up looking well-rested with Eyes with Radiance serum. It brightens your skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles on your face. This serum is completely vegan and fragrance-free to make sure your skin gets the best of health treatments. To know more about the amazing ingredients of Eyes With Radiance Serum click HERE.


2. Glow Up Essence Face Serum

A rejuvenating face serum created to suit your skin, giving you that long-lasting youthful look. Whoever said looking young was an impossible task didn’t know a better serum. Glow Up Essence is a fragrance-free face serum designed to activate your skin’s youthfulness and hydrate your skin cells all day long. Gives you long-lasting protection from UVA-induced oxidative stress, helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and keeps your skin looking radiant always. Show up like years never passed by!

We get it, finding the right cleanser to include in your skincare routine can be frustrating. No harmful ingredients, suitable for skin, no dryness and the list go on. Energy Boosting Wash is where the search stops. A face cleanser that leaves your face looking cleaner and healthier. One important routine you must never leave out is a good face cleanse. Energy Boosting Wash does the job for you. No complications, no stress, enjoy a simple face cleansing routine that’s yet as effective. To know more about the Energy Boosting Face Wash check out our recent post about  How to avoid acne from a face mask (Maskne) with Energy Boosting Face Wash.  

4Clear Dull Skin Exfoliator

Clear Dull Skin is a regenerating exfoliator gel that gently works on your skin and keeps it hydrated for an all-day glow. Made with 100% natural ingredients, Clear Dull Skin gently exfoliates your skin providing a calming effect and consistent skin hydration. Care to look radiant and young all day? Clear Dull Skin is what you need on your skincare routine.


 All products from  Beauty by Jabees are Gender-Neutral so they can be used by both men and women. Showing appreciation to someone is not only during Labor Day but everyday and it would mean the world to the receiver. Remember no thoughtful gift is too small.