The amazing ingredients of Eyes With Radiance Serum

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The amazing ingredients of Eyes With Radiance Serum

Have you found yourself in front of the mirror looking tired and all you see are bags, fine lines and dark circles? If this sounds familiar, maybe it's time to upgrade your eye cream to a more powerful eye serum.

According to J. Rodney, M.D in an article in " creams are ideal for hydrating and retaining moisture on the surface of the skin, serums penetrate more deeply and usually contain more active ingredients " Research has shown that stress and insufficient sleep affects your skin negatively. Your skin is weakened and you lose your skin’s healing properties making you look fatigued always. That’s why we designed Eyes with Radiance eye serum, to help improve your radiant look and activate your skin’s youthfulness. Eyes with Radiance is a fragrance-free vegan eye serum that energizes your tired skin and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes. But what really are these amazing ingredients of Eyes With Radiance Serum?




1. IceAwake(™) 

A COSMOS approved extract sourced from the Swiss glaciers. It has its origin in the bacteria lodobacter ssp. It works to renew tired skin appearance caused by stress and lack of enough sleep. Completely natural and nontoxic. It helps to restore your skin’s radiance and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your face. 


  • Rejuvenates your skin and improves your radiant look despite your hectic lifestyle.
  • Reduces the wrinkle depth on your skin after a short period of two weeks!
  • Works to get rid of that tired look by energizing your skin and gives you a renewed refreshing look. 


2. Natural Caffeine (Green Tea) - food grade

Caffeine has been proven to have loads of benefits for the skin. It enhances your skin beauty and contributes to giving your skin the energy it needs to stay radiant. Eyes with Radiance contains natural caffeine extract from green tea to activate your skin’s youthfulness and protect your skin from damage. 


  • Reduces puffiness on the face by helping to reduce inflammation under the skin. 
  • Moisturizes skin and improves your skin’s ability to retain moisture
  • Reduces redness on the skin
  • Helps to brighten the skin by giving it a renewed and soothing effect


3. Matrixyl 3000

This peptide is composed of two proteins. It helps to make your skin look and feel more youthful. It promotes collagen and elastin in the under-layers of the skin. 


  • Improves your skin tone and elasticity
  • Produces an anti-wrinkle effect
  • Restores your skin metabolism for a youthful look. 

Eyes with Radiance is the ideal serum to add to your skincare routine. You can maintain a radiant look even when faced with hectic daily routines. This serum is also nontoxic as it is composed of natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly and cause no damage to your skin.


If you’re looking for something to target concerns like wrinkles, sagging and brightening, I highly recommend the  Eyes With Radiance Serum. It works with all skin types, yes all skin types! And it penetrates deeper into the skin at the cellular level.