How to avoid acne from face mask (Maskne) with Energy Boosting Face Wash

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How to avoid acne with face mask

In this current world full of unknown and uncertainty the only thing that keeps us going is to make sure that our health and mental state is in the right place. There's no guarantee when this pandemic will end however let's just keep going with the "New Normal" and that includes always wearing a face mask. At the same time, we all have a common problem that nobody is talking about it, face mask acne or what is commonly known as Maskne



Maskne is a skin problem that involves wearing mask, like acne, pimples, redness, dermatitis and the list goes on.



From the word itself Mask and Acne, it is a clogged pore that builds up under your mask.  The humidity is trapped due to breathing and sweating and being allergic to face mask material.



Even though we are struggling with Maskne we still have to keep wearing a face mask.  The better way to avoid this is to wash your face regularly with Energy Boosting Face Wash.



Energy Boosting Face Wash is a hydrating and soothing face cleanser and it is also fragrance-free. If you didn't know the synthetic fragrances contains Phthalates which is bad for our health. That's why Energy Boosting Face Wash is truly a safe skincare product. It is rich in vitamin A, E and D that helps your skin from environmental stressors. Suitable for all skin types and improves skin hydration and it has skin healing properties. The best way to prevent acne from the mask is to simplify your skincare routine focusing on cleansing and hydration which Energy Boosting Face Wash is all about. The simplicity gets the job done and is full of hydration.

Apart from regular cleansing it is also recommended not to wear make-up underneath and also to change or clean your mask regularly to get rid of the dirt and sweats. As they always say "Prevention is better than cure". Having said that, if your acne gets worse consult the nearest Doctor.


You can get your Energy Boosting Face Wash for only 15.99 USD. It's 100% vegan and best for all skin types and gender.