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Clear Dull Skin Exfoliator

  • Regenerating & Hydrating Exfoliator Gel
    (5.07 fl oz / 150ml)

    Naturally moisturizing and rich in amino acids, this exfoliator is an essential step to maintaining that healthy glow, improving skin texture and tone, and preventing pesky breakouts. Our superstar ingredients: Swiss-sourced snow algae, also known as sleeping beauty for the skin, rice powder to hydrate even the most sensitive skin, and sugar beets to strengthen your skin's barrier.

    Not only is this exfoliator gel loaded with skin goodies, it is also gentle on your skin. Formulated with coconut oil-based surfactants, it is free of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). That means an exfoliator that is soothing and respectful to your skin and the environment.

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Superstar Ingredients


Victoria Long
Skin Concern: Sensitivity, Dryness, Dullness

"I'm excited to show you Beauty by Jabees regenerating and hydrating exfoliator gel. Make sure you have clear dry skin and add a maple size amount to your skin and you're gonna gently exfoliate and rub your hand a little in circles. One of the main ingredients is Swiss sourced snow algae which help rejuvenate skin. And here is my skin after the exfoliation."

Clinton Cunningham
Skin Concern: Dullness, Pore, Oily skin

"This is the clear Dull Skin Regenerating and Hydrating Exfoliator Gel. You're just gonna put about two pumps and stir in my hand, a little bit of water, and we're just gonna put this product all over and kinda let it set in. My skin is glowing, look at that sheen and shine, It really gives you that almost glass skin look which I love, makes your skin feel very refreshed. So, go check out this product.... especially dull skin."