Why fragrance-free skincare products?

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Why fragrance-free skincare products?

The fragrance has a huge impact on your mood, if you wear perfume it lifts up your spirit whether you feel jolly, teasing, timid or even reserved. There are also Essential Oil Diffusers that have an aromatic fragrance that makes you feel relaxed and provide a good sleep. But is it safe to use products with added fragrance into your skin? 

Before we dig in if fragrance-free skincare products are safe, let's understand first what is "fragrance". According to Amy Hart in Teen Vogue article "Fragrance is a blend of aromatic extracts that can be a combination of natural and synthetic constituents that replicate the smell of an ingredient,.." Natural Fragrances are essential oils, oleoresins, distillates, fractions, concretes, absolutes, etc. They can be obtained from plants without altering their chemical structures. While synthetic fragrances are non-natural fragrances it is made in a lab with synthetic materials and ingredients like alcohol, petroleum and natural gas byproducts. Not all skin types are the same, some individuals have an allergy to fragrances like redness, irritation and breakouts. One of the most dangerous ingredients is phthalates, causing hormonal disruptions that may lead to reproductive issues and diabetes, among other illnesses. Most companies still used the ingredients phthalates as a softener, though in the US it is not required for companies to disclose all their ingredients, that's why they hide the phthalates in their fragrances. The safest way to avoid these harmful chemicals and ingredients is opting for "fragrance-free" skincare. However, some brands labelled their products as "fragrance-free" but you still smell something in the product, that is natural because natural ingredients still have their own scent and give off an odor. Others may label their product as "unscented", does it mean they are also fragrance-free? No, it still has a scent but they added a fragrance formula to neutralize the smell or mask off the scent. So, it is highly recommended to choose the "fragrance-free" products, nothing less and nothing more.

To avoid fragrance products, always check the label if it's "fragrance-free" then you're good to go. If it is unclear, do a small patch test by applying a small drop of the product on your skin and see if there's any reaction a few hours later. Beauty by Jabees products are all fragrance-free like the   Eyes with Radiance Serum;  Glow Up Essence Face Serum and   Energy Boosting Wash. The ingredients are very gentle, rich and gender-neutral.