Unique Gift Ideas for Skincare and Beauty Lovers

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Unique Gift Ideas for Skincare and Beauty Lovers

Choosing the perfect holiday gifts for someone who can't fall asleep without applying their multi-step skincare first or to those who have been dreaming to have skincare or beauty products but wouldn’t buy for themselves, is not an easy task. Skincare is also a basic necessity and almost everyone wants to receive those fancy face products or luxurious beauty tools that they only see in Ads. We have pulled together some inspirations to help you on what to wrap this coming holiday season and it's for everyone, men and women, in all ages and skin types.

  • Gift Cards or Gift Voucher 
  • If you are unsure of what to give this holiday, the safest way to give is a Gift Card, the gift receiver will be able to use the Gift Card and get what they want. It’s awkward to watch someone opening a gift and realizing it’s something he or she already has or doesn’t want.You can buy Gift Cards from a salon, beauty clinic or even a famous beauty store.



  • Skincare Fridge
  • What is really the purpose of a Skincare Fridge? This is to keep the ingredients stable like retinol, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin C from breaking down when exposed to light or heat, it is much safer to store it in a cool place like Skincare Fridge. Another benefit of having a Skincare Fridge according to Clinicbe founder and aesthetic doctor, Dr Barbara Kubicka in an article in Vogue "Specifically, natural products and those that contain few preservatives. The cold helps ingredients stay potent for longer—especially antioxidants, growth factors and peptides—as well as extending their shelf life.” When a skincare label instructs you to keep your product in a “cool, dark place" A Skincare fridge is perfect for someone you know who is obsessed with skincare and has a lot of it. But if you will ask yourself what's the difference between placing the skincare products in a skincare fridge from a regular refrigerator? Well, you can simply avoid contamination in your skincare products unlike the regular refrigerator. It all has your meats, vegetables and whatever you store on it. Odors can also easily penetrate skincare jars and tubes. 


  • Face Roller
  • Face Rollers originally came from an old Chinese product, used only by members of the royal family. Then it became trendy on Instagram and now it seems like everyone wants to grab one. For those who have no idea, Face Rollers are basically handheld massaging skincare tools made up of crystal, jade, rose quartz, amethyst and stainless steel that massage your skin by just simply rolling around your face. Face Rollers turn into one of the hottest must-haves in the skincare world because of their benefits such as reducing puffiness, improving blood flow to the face and temporarily tightening the skin. If you want to level up your presents, a Face Roller is a good idea especially if it is made up of crystal, jade, rose quartz or amethyst. 


  • Travel Beauty Bag
  • For those travelers or planning for a vacation that has a set of beauty routines or make-ups that can't leave without, a good travel beauty bag is perfect for them. The right makeup or skincare bag is the key to keeping the products organized and safely stored away during travels and ensuring that they don’t end up ruining all the things from spills and leaks in the suitcase. There are an endless array of travel beauty bags to choose from, ranging in different sizes from mini bags meant for an overnight stay to extra-large ones that will hold everything needed for an extended vacation. The receiver will thank you for saving the trip.


  • Beauty by Jabees products
  • If you are looking for skincare products but don't have any clue what his or her skin type is or you are hesitant to wrap one because maybe the brand is not suitable for the receiver's gender. Well, good news because Beauty by Jabees is a skincare brand that is gender-neutral and best for all skin types. It has clean and effective ingredients, with a combination of nature and technology, BBJ brings the skin-benefiting ingredients from Switzerland's mountains and lakes to a skincare routine. It is also Fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty-free. 


    • Eyes with Radiance Eye Serum uses the Swiss-sourced active ingredient called IceAwake™. It is based on the extract of a bacterium that was isolated from the soil below a Swiss glacier. It rejuvenates the skin, increases radiance, and reduces the tired appearance that comes from a hectic lifestyle and too little sleep.
    • Glow Up Essence Face Serum is a serum that contains Snow Algae, a Swiss-sourced high-performance active ingredient that gives you a youthful glow all day. It rejuvenates and protects your skin at a cellular level, and works deep into your skin to make sure your skin is renewed, smooth, and hydrated. 
    • Energy Boosting Wash is a fragrance-free hydrating cleanser containing Snow Algae, a Swiss-sourced active ingredient that keeps your skin hydrated and activates its youthfulness. The cleanser also contains Jojoba Oil, rich in vitamins A, E and D which nourish and protect your skin and activate its healing properties. It clears your skin of all impurities and keeps your skin hydrated.
    •  Clear Dull Skin Exfoliator is made with good-for-you ingredients and is fragrance-free. The product contains Snow Algae, a Swiss-sourced high active ingredient that keeps your skin hydrated and activates its youthfulness. The exfoliator also contains rice powder, rich in amino acids, Vitamin E and ferulic acid, which soothe and keep your skin hydrated. The Clear Dull Skin Exfoliator is suitable for those with sensitive skin.




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