In-flight skincare Essentials

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In-flight skincare Essentials

Most countries nowadays are starting to accept tourists and are ready to take off. But are you ready for your glowing skin once you landed at your destination? We all know that the air inside the airplane is dry recycled air and dry targets moisture. According to Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a clinical instructor in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City "Typically, skin is comfortable when the humidity is between 40 to 70 per cent, most airplane cabins are at about 20 percent. That’s less than half of what we are used to". That's why your skin is the perfect target , so the minute you step onto the airplane your skin starts to dry out.Here are the In-flight Skincare Essentials that will help you look alive after a grueling flight.

  • Face Serum 
  •  You need a product that penetrates the skin’s surface up to the deepest layers in order to avoid dryness during a flight. Face serum is better than a moisturizer because serum provides a high concentration of active ingredients and it goes deeper into your skin layers while the moisturizer only affects the surface layer. 

    I recommend our Glow Up Essence Face Serum, it has high-grade quality ingredients like snow algae and oligogeline that ensure your skin is moisturized and protected constantly. It is specially created to care for different skin types and all skin colors. This product is designed to enhance your skin against dryness by locking moisture in and giving you a youthful glow that lasts all day long. Glow Up Essence treats your skin from a deep cellular level so that any changes you see and feel will last for longer than a couple of hours.


  • Eye Serum
  • When you are travelling the only thing that you need to focus on is keeping your skin moisturized as long as possible. Most facial moisturizers aren't suitable for the eye area, that’s why it is best to use eye serum that has a high concentration of essence ingredients that takes good effect for skin problems around the eyes. This is the best way to avoid puffiness after a long flight. Eye serum penetrates moisture to the skin, reduces eye fatigue, improves your skin elasticity, prevents the formation of dark circles and pouches of eyes.


    Eyes With Radiance Serum by Beauty by Jabees is a fragrance-free vegan eye serum that energizes your tired skin and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes. The product has an ingredient Oligogeline that reduces water loss in the skin and keeps it moisturized and locks in moisture in the skin by forming non-occlusive film on the skin. Eyes with Radiance is that serum you’ve been looking for. It works with all skin types, yes all skin types! Easily absorbed into your skin to work deep at the cellular level.


  • Face Mist
  • Face Mist is helpful for travelling, it moistens and hydrates the skin. If you haven’t heard, Face Mist are liquid skincare products that come in a spray bottle or atomizer. It can give you a quick boost of hydration from dull and dry skin in just one spray. Most flight attendants used face mist throughout the flight to keep their skin hydrated and to have that dewy fresh look.


  • Lip mask
  • If you always have dry lips it is highly recommended to use a lip mask during a long flight to maintain the hydration. It also delivers long-lasting moisture to soothe dry, chapped lips.


  • Hand Sanitizer
  • During this new normal of travelling, hand sanitizer is the most important in-flight essentials. Always bring your hand sanitizer whether you are traveling across the country by plane, train, or car, or going to work using the subway or another form of public transportation. This is a way to keep you safe at all times. Hand sanitizer is ideal during the flight because it will not dry out your skin rather than using an alcohol spray.