How to get rid of oily face for men?

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How to get rid of oily face for men?

There are different types of skin and most men and women share the same skin type which is oily skin. According to Dr. Kaustav Guha ( Director, R&D Division, SkinKraft Labs ) in an article "Men have larger sebaceous glands and enlarged pores. So, sebum production is double in men when compared to women. Therefore, men tend to have oilier skin." Those greasy feeling in your skin are caused by genetics, you might inherit them from your parents or too much exposure from the sun. Staying for too long under the sun makes your sebaceous glands produce more oil to keep your skin hydrated

Oily skin for men can be controlled and here's how:


1. Wash your face every day with gentle face wash.

It is best to wash your face in the morning; before you go to bed and after you exercise. But do not overwash your face, it will just strip away all of the natural oils and the sebaceous glands will secrete even more oils. 

I recommend the  Energy Boosting Face Wash that is formulated to be gentle on men’s skin. It has jojoba oil that consists of beauty-boosting vitamins A, E and D that nourishes your skin with necessary nutrients to protect your skin and activate its healing properties. It also has a Portulaca Oleracea Extract that soothes irritated or sensitive skin types and keeps the skin hydrated. With Energy Boosting Wash, you just can’t possibly go wrong. We made sure to keep it 100% vegan and completely fragrance-free for the best results on your skin.

And don't forget to use warm water in washing your face, hot water may result in dry skin giving enough reason for the sebaceous glands to produce more oils. Warm water helps to cleanse away the excess oil and dirt, but not too much. 

2. Apply a Moisturizer or Serum

If you feel like your skin needs moisture after cleansing then use a Moisturizer or Serum that is oil-free or non-comedogenic. 

 Glow Up Essence Face Serum is an ideal serum, it has a key ingredient of a CM-Glucan, a medical-grade active ingredient used to soothe, repair and regenerate the skin. This enhances your skin’s resistance to UVA-induced oxidative stress, giving your skin the necessary protection it needs.



3. Don't forget the sunblock or sunscreen

If you feel that your skin is already moisturized, hydrated and feels good then always complete your routine with a mineral-based sunblock. Since long exposure to UVA is one of the reasons why you have excess oily skin, using a mineral-based sunblock will absorb oil and protect your skin from sun damage, especially those sunblocks that have micronized zinc. 


4. Lastly, Exfoliate once or twice a week

Oily skin is susceptible to acne, excess oil can mix with dirt and dead skin cells to clog your pores. To avoid this, Exfoliating onceor twice a week is highly advised to remove dirty pores.

Clear Dull Skin Exfoliator is a regenerating exfoliator gel that gently works on your skin and keeps it hydrated for an all-day glow. Made with good-for-you active ingredients and it’s completely vegan, it gently exfoliates your skin providing a calming effect and consistent skin hydration. You don’t have to worry about damage to your skin or the presence of harmful chemicals.


Remember not to over-exfoliate your skin because it can damage your skin and cause dryness. Again, we don't want our skin to get over dry because it will just trigger our sebaceous glands to create more oils. 


Do consult your dermatologist if you think your oily skin is causing deeper issues with your health.


It's hard to always keep in check with your skin problems especially the oily skin, but if you are willing and dedicated to change for the better, a good skincare routine will definitely get rid of your greasy problem. Just remember to keep it simple, do not overdo it, be gentle and always use sunscreen or sunblock.