What is Exfoliating? What it Does, and How to start?

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What is Exfoliating? What it Does, and How to start?

In our generation right now most of us are dreaming of glass and young-looking skin. Who wouldn't want that, majority right? And whether we agree or not celebrities have a big influence on our daily lives. We tried to follow them in their social media accounts digging and even interacting just to know what products are they using for their skin. But before trying these massive products in the market have you heard about"EXFOLIATION"? What are the benefits, how to do it and why we should do it?   



Exfoliating is getting rid of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Naturally, skin shed off dead skin cells to make room for new, it happens every 30 days. But sometimes, your skin is half lazy to do the job and the dead skin cells don’t shed completely leaving you dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. And that is the simple answer to your question "Why do you need to exfoliate".



Experts suggested exfoliating early in the morning because the skin repairs itself at night waiting to be  scraped off. According to Allure “celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, creator of the unique, step-reversing Skin Revival system, says that exfoliating at the beginning might get you better results”. It is best to exfoliate twice per week for all skin types. 


Did you know that humans lose millions of skin cells every day, meaning dead skin can build up faster than you expected. It makes sense that weekly exfoliation is enough, and it’s a good start. So, we need to hustle hard!





So now that you understand the What and When the next is how do you actually get started?  There are two basic types of  exfoliation:the physical and chemical. 


Physical exfoliation

Any method that involves scrubbing or rubbing using a product like cleansing scrub, loofah and pumice stone. It is the easiest and inexpensive process to exfoliate however there is a con. Overdoing physical exfoliation can sometimes irritate your skin, causing redness, dryness, or worsening breakouts. However, after physical exfoliation you can use oil or serum it can help minimize irritation and lock in the moisture.


Chemical exfoliation 

A process that involves layering the face with acids onto the skin for a short period of time and letting it dissolve away the dead skin. There are numerous exfoliating products in the market right now.


Beauty by Jabees provides the easy convenient and cost-effective microdermabrasion facial scrub to remove blackheads, cleanse and minimize pores, but also reduces the effects of ageing on skin proteins


Clear Dull Skin Exfoliator 

Not all exfoliators are perfect for you! Some leave your skin even drier than before or aren’t suitable if you have sensitive skin. This is why we took our time to develop Clear Dull Skin exfoliator gel, to provide a simple yet potent solution to your exfoliating needs. 

 Clear Dull Skin is a regenerating exfoliator gel that gently works on your skin and keeps it hydrated for an all-day glow. Made with good-for-you active ingredients and completely vegan, it gently exfoliates your skin providing a calming effect and consistent skin hydration. You don’t have to worry about damage to your skin or the presence of harmful chemicals.



But then again, a good skincare routine should not be that complicated. You deserve glowing skin and Clear Dull Skin Exfoliator is the best for you.