5 Common Skin Care Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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5 Common Skin Care Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We are here to help you along your skincare journey. This is a journey, this is not a destination, and we're always learning and trying new things and seeing what works for our skin.

In this article, we’re going to talk about five really common skincare mistakes and how to avoid doing them, so you can make sure your skin is living its best life.


A common skincare mistake is not applying SPF. If you're not using an SPF during the day, you're damaging your skin more than you're doing any good. SPF is the single most important step of your skincare routine.

Skincare Right Before Bed

Another really common mistake and probably one that you might not have even thought about is applying your skincare right before bed.

Skincare takes a little while to absorb, and you should be waiting to make sure that everything is absorbing. What tends to happen is that when we apply skincare before bed, we're really tired, we're rushed, we want to just kind of skip to the next step, but more importantly, when we apply our skin care right before bed, it's going to come straight off our skin and go right on our pillow.

So, do your skincare a little bit before you go to bed or even in the evening, and then it gives it that time to absorb, and then your pillow is not going to get the beauty routine that you should be getting.

Combining the Wrong Ingredients

Lots of skincare ingredients do work together, but when you are using like high percentage actives, just isolate them and use them on their own in your routine.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep definitely affects your skin. During sleep your skin's blood flow increases. Less sleep, less blood flow. The blood flow in your skin is really important for rebuilding and regenerating the skin.

Unrealistic Expectations About Your Skin

We are all in pursuit of this kind of idea of perfect skin. We want this perfectly clear skin, but we have to understand that everybody's body is different. There are so many different things that affect skin from pollution to our genes, to our hormones.

Instead of having these unrealistic skin expectations, what we need to be doing is just to make sure that we are in pursuit of the healthiest skin that we can get.



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