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Glow Up Essence Face Serum x 2

  • Rejuvenating & Soothing Face Serum x 2 (You will find 2 Bottles of Face Serum in this Set)
    (1 fl oz / 30ml) 

    Most serums are ingredient-focused products, so finding formulas that work with you is really important. That’s why we took our time to create a gentle face serum that protects your skin and activates your skin’s youthfulness.

    Our superstar ingredients: Swiss-sourced snow algae, also known as sleeping beauty for the skin, red algae to lock in moisture for smoothness, and Matrixyl 3000 to diminish the signs of aging and promote collagen.

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Superstar Ingredients


Morgan Verberkmoes
Skin Concern: Dehydration, Sensitivity, Uneven skin tone

"This face serum uses the Swiss source active ingredients and snow algae which are known as the beauty sleep for skin rejuvenation. The serum will rejuvenate and protect the skin at the cellular level while reinforcing, smoothing and hydrating the skin. Not to mention the serum is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and 100% fragrance-free Texture is lightweight, non-sticky and absorbs to the skin so quickly. I highly recommend the Glow up Essence by Beauty by Jabees to all my friends and now to you."

Taylor Dhuyvetter
Skin Concern: Sensitivity, Dehydration, Dullness

"When I checked out the BBJ website for their glow up sentence "support the natural-born power of your skin" which is great because I am all about the simple skincare routine. I love that it's fragrance-free, cruelty-free; 100% vegan, great for any skin type, it is also cool that it's gender-neutral which you can totally tell from their really nice packaging with the blue and orange. You get free shipping with an order of 30 USD right now and I definitely bought 2 bottles to make sure I saved on shipping cost so if you want the best rejuvenating face serum go and get your own BBJ Glow up Essence today."